ArchLabs Linux

Thank you all

Hello friends, I want to thank the entire Archlabs linux team for all the help they give to their users, in the same way to their community.
I have decided to return to Bunsenlabs, it was one of my most appreciated distributions, and when I saw the AL project, Looking forward to meeting Archlinux, do not hesitate to try it, I am very grateful to you and it certainly remains a very good job with this system, even I won’t leave at all since I will still keep Archlabs on my second hard drive, Thank you all: D

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Thanks for the kind words. I hope you make a return.

Welcome aboard @Panikuz

I think it was a farewell rather than a hello :smiley:

It s still installed on his 2nd hard drive if I read it well.

But it could be the case.

That’s right, I left AL installed on my second hard drive :wink: