Text in most editors very very small

HI all Archlabbers!

Been “archlabbing” a lot now on my vacation! Installed some old games, old games and a lot of other things. Also been trying to get asci-art in terminal (didn’t implement on my Dell laptop) but now that is fixed).

I have a little problem with most editors now. Text/font-size is very very small. I can only use mouse-pad now for editing. I don’t know much of what’s involved when to fix these kind of things. gtkrc? Profile-files? Where do I search for problems like these?

Thankful for a hint!


Do you have OpenBox version installed !

If so you can try on with on Preferences section of the Menu , open LXAppearences if so installed & check for the default fonts sizes in there, just increase it & see what it does.

Might also be able to increase the sizes into your editors.

In Geany if installed or other text editors, go into View section on top select Change Fonts, & on this window go at bottom & select Size, then you can increase it the way you want it to be.

Edit1: Hope it can be of any help @womp

Edit2: Just reminded me to increase my fonts sizes in Geany as I was typing this, fond it too small aswell.

Guess that you ll need to increase the Fonts sizes in each text editor or such.

Hi and thanks for very a quick answer!!
Openbox is my number one. It’s always installed!
Obconf doesn’t change anything and change and neither does geany. Can’t zoom in either! Must be something “bigger”! But for now I have only been looking in /home for configs and so far found nothing. The search continues!


Gee, that s weird, you might miss some dependencies or missing files somehow that I think as you stated above . Just did these on my install without issues.

Yeah! Been fiddling arround alot here! Testing the system so to speak! Very stable though! Not a single crash!
This problem is interesting. I have the feeling that when I find the solution I have learnt something useful.


lol, you bet, the easiest way would be to reinstall but one would not learn much from it.

What were you using before mousepad ?

Pretty sure what altman suggested in regards to Lxappearance should help if you are using GUI text editors.

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I use geany.


Even if you look @ post #3 it doesn t work on Geany right @womp

Yep you should change font sizes inside of geany as @altman suggested in post 3.

What is your monitor size and connection?

As I recall there ar e some fontissues with HDPI. Search the forum for that.

Yep I know! But I can not change fontsize in geany. Geany is almost unusable at the moment. Same thing with Leafpad. I tried to install Mousepad and then I could change fontsize (or I didn’t have to). Some corruption between gtk-qt is my guess. (but I am the one who messed up!!)

I also noticed that the in wm-logout/oblogout is unreadable. It’s so small that I only know it is there but that’s it.


I would try to remove purge Geany & reinstall it to see what it does, never know.

No reinstalling geany made no difference i am afraid!


Gee, wonder what s happening .

I’m going to commit an act here now. I will backup my gtkrc and put an empty file there instead and reboot. Then I will know if it’s my user account or systemwide.


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Hopefully it will work @womp

I did not work but I found something! I found out that you can rebuild font cache with command fc-cache (as user). I did that and now I can read again! (It’s a miracle!) Thanks for support, kindness and wisdom!!


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