[Testing] Updated ArchLabs Icons

Hi everyone, if you are interested can you guys please download an check out the test version of the latest ArchLabs icon themes


Any issues, please post here.

edit, now with the correct icons uploaded.

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How many themes are in this file?

Icons.zip (343M) is too large for Google to scan for viruses. Would you still like to download this file?

That size correct, or did something go wrong?

This is correct, there was a huge update to Papirus, around 900 extra app icons for instance.

We may have to look at alternatives to getting this theme to users.


Re-uploading now.

Okay I have uploaded the correct archive this time…man what a cock up.

First impression is pretty good. Looks to be complete.

Any issues with thunar with the folder icons at a larger size blurring when trying to drag and drop?

No issues.

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Must be a 4k thing. Looks like I may need some x2 icons…

I confirm, no problem with thunar.
thnak Dobbie03

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Excellent, thanks for the feedback guys.

Everything is a-okay in PCmanFM, its got to be a bug with Thunar.

I’ll try it since I have to reinstall AL. This way we can see if there’s issues from a complete rebuild.

Thanks man, let me know if any issues.

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The icon set from @Dobbie03 works when doing a fresh install without a hitch. Recommend putting this set in /usr/share/icons directory for proper implementation. :grin:

Link dead as of today.

404. That’s an error.
The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know.

True that, same on my end.

Pretty sure that icon set has moved out of testing and is now part of the installation. If you’re not running ArchLabs and just want the icons, I think you can get them from their Bitbucket page.

Thx for the explanations @PackRat

What @PackRat said. Plus this is an old thread. Gonna close this one up.

I should get onto updating the AL icons. Papirus has had a few updates since this one.