Testing nwg-hyprland et al

Well, that didn’t give the expected result :wink:

The panel is way too wide now. I’ll check later, now a cold beer


Uncheck “Homogeneous”.

SEE! There’s the problem, it’s like this:
cold beer, then try panel.



It’s never “too” for beer.

Nop, you ment two ! lol

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A beer or two. Or more.

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lol, yep, two +

BTW: a small bug in the HyprlandTaskbar module just fixed. Reinstall recommended.

Had 3, started mixing hypr, bar and beer all up. Black coffee now, say no more :joy:

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Azote 1.11.0 released, with some adjustment for Hyprland:

  • added Hyprland-specific screen dimensions detection; This gets us rid of the wlr-randr dependency on Hyprland (which is however still necessary on wlroots-based compositors other than sway and Hyprland);
  • abandoned deprecated pkg_resources module in favour of metadata.

For the Azote window to behave as expected (floating window that takes all the available screen hight) on Hyprland, please add azote to your corresponding window rule, e.g.:

windowrule = float, ^(azote)$

It would be not bad if someone could confirm that 1.11.0 starts. I got into a hell of conflicting imports, and I’m not 100% sure if all the issues are gone. @Peppe, could you check, please?

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Can confirm 1.11.0 works as expected on:

  • nwg-panel, azote floating, * nwg-panel, azote tile

  • waybar, both as well

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Hoped so. Thank you very much.

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On a side note @nwg . I’ve been getting really into sway lately. Finally my hardware works good, 10th gen intel. Never did on X11.

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LOL, my hardware (hybrid AMD graphics) only works well on odd release numbers, and the current one is even. This time, w/o a special environment variable, I only have sway on one of three outputs. And wlroots developers know about the issue, could have avoided it, but prefer to tell us to wait for the bug to be fixed in …mesa.

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Yeah. I’m using 1.7. That’s what Debian has.

This one was hassle-free on my laptop. 1.6 had insane CPU load. 1.5 was okay again.

I read 1.8.1 has some issues. Haven’t tried it. Anyways getting off topic :joy:

Back on topic: Hyprland suffers from the same disease, of course. But at least I can set env variables in the config file.

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I’m reallly liking foot too. (Staying on topic) are you still using foot with wayland?

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Yes. On Hyprland, too, due to the reason I mentioned above. Not that Alacritty is worse or something.

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