Testing/Help/Info on posting data from a file sharing site

  1. Is there any security risk posting from a site such as jumpshare? So can my email or computer be hacked from there?
  2. Should I select [hyperlink] or [add an image]>>[ from the web] with the link from jumpshare? Does the latter still upload to AL server?
    3)The thumbnails for videos like in the you tube thread, are they made by the file sharing site itself or by the individual?

Sorry for the ignorance, just haven’t done it much before and I would like to not fill up the AL server as pointed out earlier.

much obliged

Always a risk when sharing online files, it might get sold somehow one day or another, never know.

Edit; I would be selective on what I would share & make an email account only for that kind of sharing, so that way if it was something to happen, it s not everything that would be shared or lost.

@FluffyUnicorn, not aquainted with jumpshare.

Imo, you can be hacked and compromised at anytime, browse accordingly.

Selecting hyperlink is fine, you can additionally name that link what you want. Not sure about the load upon the server but think that’s ok.

Generally speaking, just drag -n- drop for YouTube.

No question is ‘ignorant’, thanks for asking :slight_smile:

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much obliged