Termite "position"

Has anyone in arch-land figured out a way to position termite (terminal) using any of config.h , .Xresources, .Xdefaults .bashrc or something similar. It is a pain have geometry deprecated…

What window manager? If you’re using openbox you can define a per app setting for termite.

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I’m using dwm these days…

Do you mean you want termite when opened to be at a certain size and position on the screen?

Yes… currently I can specify the window size (say 600x600). What I would like is for the terminal (termite) window to appear a bit off the window edges. As it sits it’s pegged top-left it appears at 0,0. :frowning:

Found this patch

See how it goes

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I found this as well…


### **[marnout](https://github.com/marnout)** commented [24 days ago](https://github.com/thestinger/termite/issues/590#issuecomment-702111352) •

A work around is to use xdotool :

1. create a file, say left, in your $HOME/.local/bin (make sure it is in your path) :
`cd ~/.local/bin`
`echo "xdotool getactivewindow windowmove 0 0 windowsize 950 1019" > left`
`echo "bash" >> left`
2. Make it executable :
`chmod  +x left`
And now start termite with :
`termite -e left`
termite will start with width=950 and height=1019

Another work around is to replace the main function in termite.cc by this
And use `termite -w 950 -h 1019`

If you just want a small hack for termite it would be easy to add a check to the window rule function.

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@natemaia I think that may be over my pay grade… :wink: (skill level)

Will dwm recognize a geometry specification? Maybe @manyroads can try xterm with a geometry specification first.

That patch linked by @Dobbie03 appears to be the workaround/fix for what @manyroads is trying to do.

@PackRat @natemaia @Dobbie03 I ended up back using st… tiny but awesome. It does everything I want (the only other term that does is xfce4-terminal… which I prefer not to use, these days with my elitist dwm mentality…)