Termite colors

Ok, that might be funny and don’t rage at me, but… How can I change thermite colors (just background)? I tried google and read that I should have ~/.config/thermite/theme folder. But I do not have anything like that. Everything is more “complicated” because I installed bspwm WM and do not see termite menubar.

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PS. I returned to AL because of 4.2 kernel that support my wi-fi card.

hi there, termite is the right name.
If you do not have any config in ~/.config/termite/ just create it and name it config, mine looks like this

scroll_on_output = true
scroll_on_keystroke = true
audible_bell = false
mouse_autohide = false
allow_bold = true
dynamic_title = true
urgent_on_bell = true
clickable_url = true
font = DejaVu Sans Mono 11
scrollback_lines = 10000
search_wrap = true
icon_name = utilities-terminal
geometry = 800x550
cursor_blink = system
cursor_shape = block
browser = firefox
filter_unmatched_urls = true
background = #1C2023
foreground = #767B6F
foreground_bold = #837B36
cursor = #C7C7C7
color0 = #54574D
color1 = #CB712A
color2 = #CC7C34
color3 = #C38E45
color4 = #767B6F
color5 = #9FAFAF
color6 = #86A3A4
color7 = #CAD7CA
color8 = #ABBCBC
color9 = #CB712A
color10 = #CC7C34
color11 = #C38E45
color12 = #767B6F
color13 = #ABBCBC
color14 = #87A4A5
color15 = #CAD7CA

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Yea, it is termite, I have misspelled here. I have tried it with other config before writing post and didn’t worked (nothing changed, even after changing colors in file by me), but your config works great! Thanks mate!

Btw. Nice colors you got there

you’re welcome, now put your own color sheme… maybe the synthax was bad in your previous tries.
However pull your post as solved now if you think so.:sunglasses:

Just fyi, you can use

background = rgba(0,0,0,0.9)

to give a little transparency to the background

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@poiseman Have a looks see here.

A site I use frequently because I normally prefer a gradient to my color scheme but also very handy for other purposes.

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Nice link in there @anon37345411 . Never heard about it, Must say that I don t pimp my installs like some of you guys.

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