Terminal xst (solved)


Have you checked what the class of a given xst window is?

xprop | awk -F\" '/CLASS/ {printf "NAME = %s\nCLASS = %s\n", $2, $4}'

Just don’t use that on the terminal you’re running it in or you’ll get multiple outputs.

I also can’t overstate how backwards it is to use a tiling wm and set a terminal emulator to always be floating, let the wm do it’s job.


Thanks, it turns out that in the configuration you have to put st-256color and it works.
Thank you very much, this forum is nice.


Yes or modify the source files for (x)st

Not sure about xst but stock st uses the termname from config.h for the name, class, and TERM environment variable.

/* x.c */

void xhints(void)
    XClassHint class = {opt_name ? opt_name : termname, opt_class ? opt_class : termname};


/* config.def.h */

/* default TERM value */
char *termname = "st-256color";

So really the terminal could be called whatever you like but a few other things would need to be updated, mainly the terminfo entry.

Glad that solved your issue though, cheers


xst stock uses:

static char *termname = “xst-256color”;

Which explains why either of these were working for me when I compiled it from source:

for_window [class="(?i)(?:xst)"] floating enable
# for_window [class="xst-256color"] floating enable 2pixel


Thank you very much