Terminal Cursor is Always Set to Ibeam

Hey guys, I’ve noticed on the new installs the terminal cursor is always set to an Ibeam. I’m assuming it’s some global setting and not per terminal config. I can’t for the life of me figure out where it’s pulling this from. Just wondering if anyone has found where to change this?

Which terminal?

If it’s st, it needs to be recompiled like dwm; unless it’s patched with the .Xresources patch, then I think you can set the cursor shape there.


If I put

URxvt.cursorUnderline: true

It has no change from the Ibeam

I’ve tried all the terminals from the al-installer. First it was termite and I thought it was something screwy with vte the backend so I moved on to xfce4-terminal and finally urxvt to see something not vte based had the same effect.

They all are the same.

Check the outputs of appres & xrdb -query to see what X resources are being set.

xrdb -query is showing URxvt.cursorUnderline: true in the dump so it should be an underline cursor instead of the ibeam.

I tried a different .bashrc as well as disabling al-info which were my second notions that an escape sequence was doing it but to no effect.

I haven’t tried ST but I bet it’s different since it’s compiled and hardcoded

I figured it out partially. It’s something in .inputrc If I delete that file it will take any cursor shape defined. Now I gotta figure out what line is doing it.

.inputrc seems to be tied to the default archlabs vim config to reset the cursor shape to normal after using input mode in vim then exiting

So I guess you could delete .inputrc and use a different vim config to get around this issue.

I’m gonna mark this thread as closed since we seemed to have narrowed it down.