Templates (bug report and others)

I have been generally interested in templates as part of my work (sort of technical writing) and also just thinking about it from the point of view of knowledge gathering etc. I chanced upon Dobbieji’s github template for bug reports:

Very nice. Did you get that from somewhere? Is there a repo of templates that I can dig into :slight_smile: Somehow templates are my thing these days :slight_smile: (weird I know).


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Probably came from what ever Repo I stole it from :smiley:

It’s never been something I have ever bothered with because nothing I use I have written or ever really shared with the intention of promoting it for others to use as it is normally so badly hacked to work for myself.

LOL’d at that one!

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Also, if you click “Settings” in your GitHub repo, and scroll down to “Issues”, you’ll see the “Set up templates” button. It shows you 3 basic templates to choose from & customise. Excuse me if you’ve already known that.

Thank you ji. I did not know that, I will check those out.
PS: standalone ji is just as if I had suffixed your name with ji (like san in Japanese).

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