Tell us your favorite file manager and why?

I currently use PCMANFM, and some of the things I like about it is that its pretty lightweight and simple to use.

Thunar. Its just what I use.


PCManFM, but thats just because i have never tried anything else i think. Im new, hehe

Caja. Started using it on sway, where other FMs had difficulties w/ drag-n-drop. Now it’s my first choice everywhere.

I have quite a few wallpapers and I find Caja takes freaking ages to load the thumbnails where as Thunar takes no time at all.

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Hint: use a wallpaper manager instead. :rofl:

This is when I am looking for something in particular :smiley:

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I use mainly Ranger (still learning), but with some things i have to use graphical FM. Then it’s PCManFM.

noice cause it’s simple and has the smallest, easiest to understand code base. I have a fork with a bunch of additions here and you can get the original here


Mainly thunar, but also use nnn. The first because I find it comfortable to work and the second for when I’m in the terminal

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I’ve added the fork, I like how it looks and works


Having used XFCE most of the time I’ve become accustomed to Thunar. But, if I’m gonna use something else such as Openbox, then PCManFM is the one I’ll use.

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Thunar, comes mostly with the distros I use & too used to it.


Mainly noice , but when i`m in a hurry, then pcmanfm.

Me likey Thunar.

Edit: Why? because it works nicely. I had previously been a Caja user with the MATE desktop. But after a few updates, caja just shat itself and stopped doing basic things that I needed to do - and it became slow on my system. I then moved to xfce and OB and have been 100% Thunar for sometime now. I also like the idea of the Thunar hidden settings.

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Either thunar or pcmanfm, not too particular. Although, one of my early favorites - Xfe file manager - is seeing some increased development. Pretty smooth if you don’t mind the retro look. Built in text editor and image viewer.

I’ll use mc sometimes.

OMG, karma that’s your too funny! PCmanFM is really good, its what I currently use as well. I am definitely going to give ‘noice’ a try!

Thunar! :grin: It’s easy to customize and easy to use. Now if my stupid spell checker would stop changing it ‘thunder’… :crazy_face:


lol, should ve been called thunder I guess.

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