Tell us how you are using your OS of choice

Hey folks -

I thought this would be a fun topic to look at. Something that would allow each of us to get a bit of an inside view of what we are doing with the OS of choice.

This is your time for a bit of self-promotion!
So with that, allow me to be the first!!!.

I purchased some backing tracks that allow me to remove what I want. I am a bass player by default but I do like to play a bit on the old 6-string.

Most all guitar tracks are me. Even some leads (I pretty much suck, but you should have no issue know what is what).

All tones are from effect pedals that I have build. Most are clones, a few are originals.

So - the OS is Arch and ArchLabs, using Audacity and some over dubs.
Turn up the sound and get ready for a few giggles :slight_smile:

MY Backing Tracks


lol, like what you re doing mate, keep it on.

Very cool :grin: I’m impressed Chris :+1:

Been using Archlabs and before that BL for both home and professional use before retiring. Marie uses ArchLabs daily as well, for fun and her academic work.


(@Chris I like that there are musicians in the family. I play the guitar too, but my dream was always to be a drummer)

I use ArchLabs daily, it’s my little office. It never fails me and It’s the most stable system that I’ve used. It’s also my communications center, I’ve a mobile phone but I almost never use it.

I’ve a PC that I use as a home server where I keep the copies, it works with Arch. I’ve a script with which I copy the important folders of my AL. I don’t like to make an entire copy of my system, because if it breaks, I know that a clean AL works perfectly, so I would only copy the folders that I saved on my server in case something went wrong. This pc also has a HDD with Kali (but in the process of switching to BlackArch or Parrot) with which I do tests at home. I did official cybersecurity exams and had to learn how to use kali tools for assessments.

And another hobby, the Raspberry Pi. I’ve one with BatoceraLinux on a TV with SNES controls. When my nephews come home they play the SuperMario and the FinalFight. I also have another RPi to do tests at home, mainly to test screens.


I have literally nothing important or even useful to do with my computer, it’s all just games & dicking around :smiley:

I don’t even bother backing up…


lol, pretty much the same appart from gaming.

Follow my subs on YT , forums, web.

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Everything from school to programming to multimedia. Glad that arch is so versatile yet stable.

Come to think of it - I use my Linux powered machines for fun only. I realized this right now. :slight_smile:

Couple of years ago I used to think I might earn some bucks on the Play Store. Initially it went not bad, but nowadays there’s no place for indie developers there. I removed most of my apps, and whatever still left, was turned into free software.

Since I still like coding, I moved from Android Studio to IntelliJ Idea, and finally to PyCharm. Having nothing better to do, I coded some scripts aimed at the tint2 panel. However, the most useless but funny was to develop my games. The first one I initially created for 8-bit Atari in 1992. Having found old floppies in the attic, I thought to give them the second life on Android, and later on desktop computers (AUR). The second game (AUR) I still find funny, and happen to play it on my phone or desktop.

I’m not a musician, like @Chris, but I needed several soundtracks. I wrote them with LMMS.

I also use GIMP, Inkscape and Audacity quite often. Operating systems: vanilla Arch / ArchLabs / Void (random order).


Looks like you re pretty good with computers @nwg

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Just a hobbyist. If I have to code professionally one day, I’ll hate it. At the office I do different job (DTP, web services, social media).

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