Tell us about your pet


We can only see a skunk in ZOO here. Cats are a more universal choice.


Which one of these are yours:

Here kitty kitty

We have skunks everywhere here. Once in a while a poor critter gets ran over. The smell stays around for hours. You can smell it even when the windows are rolled up all the way…:hushed:


Here you are, all in one. “Mine” is the first on the left.

We used to have ferrets some years ago. Lovely, but their smell still happens to appear in my dreams. :slight_smile:


These cats are so funny !

Never seen ferrets here as a pet close to me where I live. Maybe I m not aware of it also.

Lol, remember when my father & I would come back from the stable, my mother would complain lots about the smell we had ! Straight to the showers & clothes in the garage for future cleanup.


If you want my advice: do not even try.


lol, looks like a little devil right !


Exactly: lovable daemons.


Yeah, I knew of people who had them as pets.NOT ME!


It’s not my pet exactly. I’ve moved to another house and she lives here. These days I’m going down to the river to walk with her. If my roommates aren’t at home , we go for a walk.


Nice dog !


ok, so a few weeks ago our dog was put down (old age).
We have a new good doggo - Max

Max is on the left, Baxter is on the right (only one day in, they already look like partners in crime).


Sad news about the older dog, lovely new doggy in there @philT


They look not bad together. :slight_smile:


Accidental portrait of Pucek. :slight_smile:


lol, funny cat in there @nwg