Tell us about your pet


Baxter is my Chocolate lab. Here she is displaying good dog skills


Nice dog in there @philT


Pucek - British Longhair.


Nice Lab @philT!
When i was a kid there were all sorts of breeds, mixes, and sizes in the neighborhood. Now it seems everyone has a Pit or a Chichuahua. I miss the variety!


Wow @nwg, Pucek is a lotta cat! First BLH I’ve seen.


Nicee cat in there @nwg


upclass neighbourhood? bloody shitzus round here :cry:


The wife and I came home with two new additions to the Dobbie family. A Ragdoll kitten called Whiskers and a little tabby called George.

Currently the house elder, Jasper is off sulking.


lol, nice kitties @Dobbie03.

Some action in there right !


Beautiful eyes. I’ve never seen a Ragdoll in real life.


Omg, they are so beautiful!


@nwg @Head_on_a_Stick

They are the closest thing you will get to dogs in the cat breeds. Their fur is like silk, super soft. Really playful and loving. You can also train them to walk on a leash. Ragdolls also grow to be really big as well.


Do not tell my wife. 3 cats + a dog is more than enough. :slight_smile:


We are a three cat family now.


You may need a bigger bed.


We have heaps of room :smiley:


I usually go to sleep much later than my wife. The hardest thing is to find some space between cats and the dog.


Yeah it is an art to fit yourself in between them all.


These aren’t the dogs your looking for, move along.


Whiskers keeping me company.