Tell us about your pet


Crazy puppy in action!


lol, Mission: How I can piss off the cats today. @Negata


First: Cats, Second: Chickens, Third: turkey… Shopping list!


lol, & after all of them, piss off my master, I like my day job ! lol @Negata


@altman I think my father put his name right: CrazyDog.

The black cat is the one that I grew up. I gave him milk from the bottle, I love black cats. It had been two years since we saw each other and Leviathan remembered me.


lol, you bet he got it right ! Weird that animals recognize people & that we poeple sometimes don t recognize each other ! @Negata


That’s a puppy?

Just wait until he grows into those paws.




Nice dog @DatNobleSavage


Temporarily (or at least I hope so) we’ve got another pet: a tit hit the window glass, now it’s recovering in the wardrobe.

(I mean a bird like below, name translated by Google™ :slight_smile:


EDIT: the bird seems to be getting well, but it’s dark outside, and I won’t dare to set it free before the morning.


I told my father. That is going to be a huge dog.


Do you know the breed? Tough to tell in that light, but looks like he might have some Rhodesian Ridgeback in him.

Beautiful dogs.


He told me it was a brazilian breed, but I don’t know.


Here are two.
The image with 2 rotties
Upper right corner: Daisy (My baby, A rescue, age unknown, whom passed in July)
Lower: Zoey at 2 years (mama’s girl)

Other image is more current:
Zoey this past summer at 3 years


Nice dogs @Chris

Too bad one passed away.


Yes - its very difficult when owners watch a loved critter degrade due to illness and there isnt anything you can do for them, then determine when to do the right thing and take care of business.

One of the more difficult and painful things I had to do.
Hell, divorcing my first wife was easier, lol


They are beautiful!


@Chris Beautiful dogs Chris. Really sorry to hear about Daisy.


Just found this great thread.
I like all animals, but i am a cat purrson by default. As a child i wasn’t allowed to “get” a dog, but there was always a cat or 2 that came on its own… Have been fortunate to see several live to mid teens, but never later. Have 4 at present, the elder is me old Yeti. He came abused at about 6 mos. At some point he peed everywhere. We threw him out for 2 weeks. He wouldn’t leave. I gave him away. They brought him back. We finally agreed to tolerate and love each other in our own way. He just turned 15. He’s on thyroid meds and keeps to himself most of the time. I worry because I’ve never had one get beyond 15, but he seems to be doing ok. He’d have been much happier as an only cat, but fate decided something else for us both. I can’t seem to paste a pic here, but here’s a Flickr link to my old man in his prime…


Nice cat in there @billd