Tell us about your pet


@Dobbie03 and @PackRat That’s heartbreaking. My spouse and I just went to an experimental play in town about a woman and her dog traveling through space and time together. The dog was actually on stage the whole time. Spoiler, she’s traveling through space looking for time travel so she never has to lose her dog. I certainly cried. Take care of yourselves. Loss is difficult to process.


resting shot

mild action shot

yellow one is a rez dog, the brown and white one is a redneck dog.

Currently I am staying behind to help @ work until they hire replacement(s), while my wife and dogs are all moved into our new place/life. I am really starting to miss them…maybe my wife too :), j/k This thread made me a little sad and happy at the same time. I love dogs.


What gorgeous dogs.

The wife and I were talking, I don’t want to replace my Felix but I need something so we are looking for a new Ragdoll. It’s hard but I think it might help me move on from my loss. Felix the Ragdoll was a special dude.


animals are good for the human soul. no matter what crapstrom life/work deals you, when you get home you are the best thing since sliced bread a HERO! unconditional love…pretty cool


Totally agree.

We are a cat family. We have been so lucky, not one of the cats that have been in our family have been the traditional cat. All of them have been more like dogs than cats, all have been different breeds.


I never heard of ragdoll cats, just googled, very pretty. Kinda Siamese looking but better imo.


They are a super loyal, almost dog like. Super playful and friendly.

Ours was amazing. You called his name he came running, he waited at the door for you to come home. Just really comforting.

I miss the little dude.


Felix would want you to remember, yet move on as well. I’m sure he loved you and would not want you 2 remain petless.

Now I don’t think animals can do algebra or anything like that, but I do think they are way more perceptive on emotions and health than mankind usually gives them credit for. At one time I was quite injured and in severe pain, in bed for a few months. The yellow dog would very carefully get on the bed and pull up daintily beside my hand/me. It helped alot to just touch her as I writhed in discomfort. It appeared that this was instinctual to her.


I totally agree. When Felix was killed, before we knew, Jasper our Burman was about 1000% more attentive than usual. Trying to get my attention, I am convinced he was trying to tell me there was an issue with Fels.

Animals are perceptive well beyond what we are.


Nice dogs out there @FluffyUnicorn


This Christmas I am visiting the family and I have come to the farm where they have animals. At home we have never had pets, we have always had them in the field.

Cats: Leviathan (Black), Esperanza that means ‘Hope’ (White) and Libertad that means ‘Freedom’ (Gray).

Dog: PerroLoco ‘CrazyDog’

Turkeys, chickens and geese feed the family.
This is the little world where I grew up.


wow, must be some action there with the cats & the dog !

Looks great in there @Negata


3 of our 4 animals occupying my side of the bed. 4:33 am.


lol, wonder who s the boss ! lol


Yees @altman, the dog is still a puppy, and cats just want to crack his face :lion::lion::lion:




lol, must be something sometimes right @Negata !


This morning the dog wanted to eat cat’s food, imagine :joy::joy:. And then the dog wants to eat the chickens. It’s crazy!


lol, would like to see that sometimes @Negata ! The cats want to kill the dog and so on !

Can t be boring I guess.


@altman It’s funny!!