Tell us about your pet


Before I shut it down, my reef was 150 gallons


Me - mammals and snakes.
Wife - all things aquatic and the lizard.


That’s impressive.


Mind you that was 14 years ago without kids…I had more money and time…lol


Oh , half & half job here, it s what it takes right !Keep it up.


6 years ago my then roommate’s cat would do that stare at nothing thing. It freaked us both out in our 80+ year old rental house. One day he was at it and I was walking toward him and the kitchen. Then, he bolted forward with lightning speed and attacked under the refrigerator.

He was attacking nothing.

It was sound.

When the ice maker kicked in, an electric pump would draw water up to the freezer. The cat was sitting there staring at “nothing” because he was waiting for the ice maker to do its thing. Then he’d dash to the fridge and shove his paws underneath in rage.



They can be downright freaky sometimes. I still believe Simba’s seeing something we can’t and have tried to no avail of linking his behavior to something in the room (reflections, sound, vibrations ect) but haven’t found a single thing. Weird

Still no voices saying Get out! so, I take that as a comforting sign :stuck_out_tongue:


Had to go digging on my storage to find a pic of our 15lbs pooch we adopted in February.


Great looking poochy in there @sikkdays


Awe… Whata face! :grin:


With extreme sadness I had to say goodbye to my little furry mate, Felix. He was hit by a car this morning and was killed instantly. Gonna miss him.


Sorry to hear… off to a never ending world of catnip.


I hope so. He was an amazing part of our family.


Well, that sux big time .


So sad.

I feel for you, after 18 years, had to put down our gray tabby yesterday:

Freya 2000-2018


Sorry for you also @PackRat


I’m so sorry


Really sorry to hear that.


@Dobbie03 & @PackRat I’m really sorry guys. Very close with our fuzzy family members too and can empathize with you both :frowning_face:


@Dobbie03 & @PackRat, I’m so sorry to hear of your loss, that really is tragic.

They must have had amazing lives with you as their guardians though, that’s for sure.