Tell us about your pet


Nice kitties there ! Not too much fighting in there sometimes lol !


Doing great there saving dogs in sheleters, best place I guess to have a pet.


The little ginger one, yes. He’s a little shit, always trying to play fight with the big one.


Yep, cats are endlessly entertaining.


Specially when young kittens lol ! Wonder where they take their imagination.


Felix is forever doing the cutest things. It’s a lot to do with him being a Ragdoll. They are a particularly playful breed.


Hehehe! Matt, do your cats ever see things that aren’t there? I ask because we renovated a 120 year old farm home and word around here was that it was ‘haunted’. Marie has seen things she can’t explain and I’ve seen some pretty funky things too… Simba often stares at something, hisses with his hair standing up but when we look. nothing’s there.


Wow! Weird! No nothing like that. Especially as my house isn’t that old, its around 60 years old and my Grandad built it :smiley:


How awesome is that! You’re very fortunate to live in a home your Grandpa built. I love that :slight_smile:


i know exactly what you mean. I love it too.


I love cats. We’re gonna get one from the animal shelter next. My sister has a Persian named Abby. I love her. I use to house sit for her and take care of it. Especially during the CrunchBang days when I was I college. She’d come in skiing around on my papers in the morning while I was drinking coffee.


@altman I don’t think we could have bought a better dog. She’s such a good girl.

Baby sounds like she’d be one of Molly’s running buddies. Yeah, they love those trucks. That black one in the photo is my wife’s. When we’re at home we just leave the door open and she’ll chill in there all day if we’re not going anywhere.

Thanks. I can tell you have a good family dog there.


We have a zoo, these are the main 4 -

Dog = Zoe,
Gray tabby = Freya; she’s 18 and on her last legs, I think.
American short hair = Odin ; he’s 15 and hanging in there
Snake (Arizona Glossy) = Odaki. I rescued him when I was organizing our sample storage warehouse so it could be fumigated. He’s 18 as well.


Funny you should bring that up, there are days we think our house is haunted by our previous dogs. Current pets will do double takes as if something is there, or walk around the spots where our other dog (alpha male) use to lay down. Animal ESP kind of thing.


How big of salt water tank were you using for that?

We were at the beach a few weeks backs and ended up bringing a hermit crab back with the shell collection. He’s currently living comfortably on my youngests dresser. First time I’ve had a salt-water tank.


Nice pets in there mate !


@PackRat Yeah! I swear our non-human family members can see and sense things we can’t. Happy to report, Marie & I haven’t yet heard a voice saying ‘GET OUT!’ So, everything’s good … Hahaha! :grin:

You’r ‘zoo’ is adorable and says a lot about the kindness of your family. My Grandmother told me, you can tell a lot about people based upon how they treat animals.

We’ve had a reef tank and I was told the rule of thumb, the greater the volume-the easier it is to keep it’s chemistry and temperature stabilized although for a single hermie, I wouldn’t think it would be difficult with a volume of 10 or 20 gallons. Some marine enthusiasts keep entire reef ecosystems in mini or micro tanks of around 1 to 3 gallons.


That’s loads of furr babies! eerrr skin babies.?.


That’s only half of them. We have another snake (Kenyan sand boa - I’ll have to get his picture), two fish tanks, hermit crab, and a leopard gekko (my oldest’s pet). That gekko is one tough SOB - my oldest isn’t the most responsible person you’ll ever meet, but that lizard just keeps chugging along.

Use to have a female Kenyan sand boa and tried to breed them. She was gravid once, but self-aborted the eggs (they give live birth after internal incubation).



It s true, you ve got a zoo ! lol How do you guys keep up with all of these !