Tell us about your pet


Animal lovers, tell us about your pets.


I am a cat man…lol. I have a Ragdoll cat called Felix who is absolutely adorable. His tail is almost as big as him. I also have a Burman called Jasper. He is a gentleman, and also gorgeous.

Felix, or as my nephew calls him, Baby Fels, is like a puppy. Super playful, very loyal and follows me everywhere.


I am currently petless, unless you count children. But before kids, I used to keep coral reefs. It’s a pretty time consuming and expensive hobby though. But once my kids get jobs and can support me I will be back at it. :wink:


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Our dog’s name is Baby, found her abandoned and laying in a ditch coming home one night. Our cat’s name is Simba and was born to one of the farms around here, he just decided one day to make us his family. They’re inseparable.



No pets on my side, had some horses years ago as/ my father . No place now & too expensive to maintain & to have a big lot for them.


Nice duo in there mate !


Hey thanks @altman! All the two legged kidos have flown the nest, so they have full run of the house now :slight_smile:


Clancy, man, best dog my family has had for a while
New photo by Smoke King


Nice dog in there nate, looks like one of my ant s dog.


I do not have scanned photos, I created a Dogo Argentino for 9 years, a disease took him, does a lot and did not want to raise animals… is a sensational animal despite the size

Mine had spots on the neck


That is an impressive beast man. Good looking boy.


We named her Sidney (after Debian unstable), she wasn’t handled enough as a kitten so she’s a bit feisty.


Nicee ! Must be strong as a horse !


@Head_on_a_Stick, really pretty cat.

@natemaia is Clancy man a Border Collie?


My wife and I have Molly. She’s a English Lab/German Shephard mix. We got her from an animal shelter in Albuquerque. She loves to go fishing as you can see her loaded up in the truck. We took her with us to the white sands earlier in the year. She loved that gypsom sand out there.

I think I saw your Sidney one time as your wallpaper over at BL. Pretty cat.

That’s awesome they get along.

good looking dog.


@Glenn Yea, full breed male, we got him from a farm around osoyoos that breeds them, they mix a little something else in every so often to keep them from getting inbred. Just Clancy, I call him fancy, clanc, pantsy, whatever works. He’s around 13 y/o and been with us since the beginning

@Head_on_a_Stick that’s a nice looking cat, just chillin against the wall :slight_smile: We have a couple cats around here, one of which is a total fatass, but he’s the best cat in some ways, like he’ll actually come everytime you call, never had that with cats before, usually just have them as micers

@cog Thats a really nice dog mate


Here are my in photo form:




@cog, Molly’s a beauty. I’ll take Baby for rides and she’ll paw at the passenger window of my truck until I roll it down and stick her fool head out the window… Her ears make a buzzing noise that cracks the wife up every time. Dogs love trucks.

@Dobbie03, they’re adorable. I don’t know why some people prefer dogs to cats or vise-versa, I love them both and cats can be even more loyal than dogs.


@Glenn, thanks mate. I don’t know either. I just know I’d prefer to have a cat rather than a dog. I do love both though.


Nice cat mate !