Tell us about your gadgets

I’m intrigued by this, how does it measure the oxygen saturation?

Especially there :cowboy_hat_face:

This is how my Galaxy 4 measures it; I guess it’s comparable with other brands

EDIT: since this message is by a Samsung fan, I would look at it with healthy skepticism. But possibly it clarifies the method being used.

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Optical sensor and colorimetry, as far as I know. Even simple smart bands do it nowadays. For more info see the manufacturers page.

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I inherited my wife’s old Acer Chromebook, as she bought a new one today at a bargain price (50% discount). Only suitable for browsing the web in bed. Probably will end up with Linux installed, sooner or later. :smiley:


Hopefully it doesn’t have a webcam. :ghost:


Or, if so, do like I did, put a tape over it. They can t see shit afterward ! lol

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