Tell us about your gadgets

That one might not need updates in order to work as some newer vehicles & what not. lol

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Raspberries sprouting everywhere :slight_smile:

L to R: OSMC Kodi Box, Nextcloud Box, LMS Music Server, Raspberry Pi stuff (Gertboard, hats, boards etc)



Nextcloud Box (now with Ubuntu Appliance version installed and additional external disk)

Logitech Media Server LMS

Moode powered synchronized (or not, choose as you wish) RPi Music clients around house:

Living Room
Pi Zero + IQAudIO Pi-DAC Zero, Nexus 7 Mk I
Added bonus: Me in my Jesus hair phase photo, my Punk Vinyl and old 90’s Roy and HG tapes

RPi + IQAudIO Pi-DAC + Nobsound Little Bear MC1022 Mini 2 (1) -IN-1 (2) -out RCA Stereo Audio Switcher, Samsung S2

Pi Zero + IQAudIO Pi-DAC Zero, iPhone 5S

Pi Zero + IQAudIO Pi-DAC Zero, ASUS X550LB Lappy (and another RPi for OpenCPN nav software for my saily boat and other SD card OS’s for playing (using Barrier to share keyboard and mouse of Lappy)

Google AI Box (RPi inside)

All above are RPi 3’s or Zero’s but I really really really really want an 8GB RPi4 - but when will they ever be available again?

Oh, I forgot there is another RPi OSMC Kodi box in the annex, but I cant be @rsed to go photograph it :rofl:


Wow, nice stealth install in there @leigh

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Very nice; love to see what others are doing. Lots of good ideas and inspiration; things I didn’t know I needed. Thanks for this.

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Thanks @eight_bit_al
I need to move away from the Ubuntu /core/Appliance version of the Nextcloud, but it is all working for now

This is because for some reason if I dont disconnect the RCA leads from my wifes amp in the picture, over time it accumulates a ‘buzz’, even if its turned off. Some sort of ground loop? no idea, but it also allows me to switch the output acrross to yet another Bose Mini that we put on the window sill above when I am grilling fish outside :slight_smile:


Gadgets dont have to be electronic :smiley:
A German friend got me this when she was back home visiting family - I love it, so simple, effective and well styled


Oh, nice idea in there @leigh


English Breakfast - I love me cuppa of a maarnen.

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That’s easy

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Looks very handy indeed. My son, a Yorkshire tea drinker would love that.

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Yea, and me too, I drink coffee, tea and mate


Not a gadget but I am slowly restoring my long lost Tolkien collection I made the first purchases towards that restoration today:

Still a fair few to go with the most important one being The Silmarillion!