Tell us about your gadgets

Cheap headphones with active noise cancellation, which may be turned on even w/o any music. Haven’t realized how much noise-polluted our house was, before I put them on.


Oh, looks cool @nwg !

Then you should be cranking this thru the phones:




Guys, this is not a gaming mouse, don’t waste your time looking for drivers…


As my old vertical mouse broke down, I asked Santa to bring me a new one.

Nice, Santa has been good !

Fun fact: all 8 buttons are programmable and can simulate keyboard events. Together with key bindings I can assign any action to any button. Awesome!


Oh, wasn t aware of that ! Always a surprise somewhere right !

Got myself a Nintendo Switch Lite, I’ve always loved handheld games machines and this one is superb. So far I’ve played Zelda (Breath of the Wild), MotoGP 20, Grid Autosport and Hades. They’re all awesome :slight_smile:

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@Head_on_a_Stick I’ve never had any. Will buy one when on retirement. :smiley:

Got myself one of these today

Really nice. I can survive without the backlit keyboard for one less cord running across my desk. Next step is a wireless mouse, then wireless (decent) headphones.

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Congrats! Backlight is not essential.

Good wireless mouse is affordable, but decent headphones are not. :confused: That’s why I bought a cheap replacement.

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Yeah I’ll get a Logitech mouse that is compatible with the RF dongle Logitech now use.

Yeah decent headphones in general are expensive. If I do end up buying an expensive pair, I’ll get a headphone stand to go with them.

Which I realised when purchasing. To me the media keys were more essential (mainly because I hate fn+random button to pause, play and volume change).

A thing to consider: the mouse I bought and posted above has some extra programmable keys, capable of emulating keyboard events. Really useful.

Would you happen to have a link to that mouse please?

I’m not sure if it’s available worldwide. The manufacturer seems to be based in Poland. But there must be something similar in your range.

Thanks for the link, I emailed them to ask if they ship to NZ. I’m not sure I would use the buttons, plus I am trying to cut down on leads, dongles etc. Hence the lean towards Logitech.

Theoretically it can be connected via BT, but I failed to do this.

No BT on my desktop unfortunately. I really like the idea of connecting via RF.