Tell us about your gadgets

I suspect that many of the tinkerers on the forum must be lovers of various electronic gadgets, as myself. Tell us about your latest or favorite toys.

I will start.

This month I decided that my two Android Wear watches are not enough, and ordered a cheap smartband as my birthday gift. Can’t wait for July 22 to come. :slight_smile:


I don’t have any electronic gadgets really other than the ‘standard’ gadgets. I have a Kindle for reading, an iPad for basically the same but with movies and an iPhone.

Gadgets use to really interest me but I found I purchased them and really, at the end of the day the served no purpose. I sold my Apple Watch as I prefer I proper watch and am in the process of ordering a new U-Boat watch.

Other than that I am relatively gadget free.

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Haha! Unlike you, I hope to become a cyborg before I die. :wink:

He new Topic :wink:
For my birthday, it was a Garmin Instinct for differents outdoor activities.
After, nothing more: like in Matrix i keep human :wink:

Wearables are not the only gadgets in the world. For instance my wife’s cleaning robot: I must say I like it too.

Right now:

I have no gadgets. No ipad, no kindle. Till last year, I did not even have a smart phone. Now I have a smart phone that I never use. Basically I have a laptop and that’s all. The laptop was purchased for $70 used from ebay. I have no watch, no music player or anything else either. I have not purchases any gadget in past 6 years for sure, and maybe 2 in the past decade (the smartphone was not purchased, a friend gave his old one so I could use in emergency).


Personally have 2 free secondhand laptops (not the best but who cares ! lol) one free old cell, a supplied by my boss smartphone & ipad.

So pretty much no-tech personally ! lol


Glad there are others like me out there. I do enjoy linux stuff a lot though (not counted as gadgets I suppose). Cheers!

Cheers @vinay

I have a large library of books (over 500). But no gadgets. Today’s kids: no books, but lot of gadgets :slight_smile: I guess times change, and that’s fine too :slight_smile:

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Love reading also, Got loads of books also, but read some over the internet when available &/or read some resumees or vlogs analysing them.

Here’s my smart watch:

So-called 'cos you have to be smart to read it :grin:


Wholy cow, too much hi-tech for me @Head_on_a_Stick ! lol

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“- What time is it?”
“- Well, give me five minutes…”

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Binary watches are really cool, if I were to wear a watch it would be something like this.


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A week ago the new radio station I was waiting for appeared on the web. For now the only stream of good quality is available via their mobile app. This way my old phone became a receiver. :slight_smile:

I don’t know whether this is a gadget in what you had in mind, but recently I bought something that is really useful to me. It was a Zojirushi thermos. Basically, for various reasons, I have to wake up early (like 5:30 or so). I can do it, but only if hot tea is at hand. However, I cannot bear to make that tea upon waking, I need it as soon as I wake. I tried everything including thermos to keep tea hot through the night (ie, make hot tea before sleeping, drink it upon waking). Nothing kept it that hot overnight. Then I heard of Zojirushi. It cost $28, but DANG!!! It keeps the tea piping hot. I mean HOT. If anyone has that problem, I highly recommend. They have some patented vacuum tech that allows it to remain so hot.

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Definitely it is!

OH, OK. In that case, also instapot is a good one. YOu can set the gadget (to, say, soup, or beans, or rice) and just walk away. No waiting. It will do the right thing—cook the thing only to the extent it should be, and then keep it warm. I use that also almost daily to cook the Indian lentils (aka daal). I can put it in there, and walk away and return at my lunch time and eat. Its a cheap way to get protein during this shutdown. I don’t eat meat anyway, and daal is cheap and easy to stock up on. Just drop in some curry powder, and you’re done. Poor man’s food, but good enough for me (since I am a poor man :-)).