Teach me drive permissions?

Ever since moving to AL as my daily driver I have been a naughty boy working in root when I have mounted external drives. What is the proper way? Is there a proper way?

Example: I have an external with my music collection and I want to move some stuff around on it before connecting it to an RPI with linux on it as well. I fear that the RPI will not have write authority on the drive once I move it over. So what is the proper way to give users permanent access to ext4 drives?

If you Google your question you will get thousands of tutorials. Choose your poison.



The ArchWiki has a very good page about permissions and ownership:


Be sure to check out the other links at the end of the page.

Personally I would use the same GID/UID for both my normal user and the Raspberry Pi user so that I could mount the drive in “$HOME” and move stuff around without root privileges.