Tauon Music Box

A user from face book posted a screeny of a music player I had never herd of Tauon Music Box.
It is the best GUI music player I have ever used with some great features too.
I even broke my golden rule and install pulse it was worth it…


All credit to (Anacrónico Il)


Looks good, I’ll test it. Thank you for the link. :slight_smile:

Thx for sharing @KoO

Thanks, looks like it can do anything you like but I’m that kind that likes simple things and I’m still nostalgic about Winamp, so I use QMMP, allot:


Yer I used the same skin with antiX qmmp is there default player

Thanks for the link. MPD/ncmpcpp are all I need though.

After installing ArchLabs I removed pulse completely Tauon works just fine with Alsa and ArchLabs just another Plus for ArchLabs. :grin:

I’m with you too MPD/ncmpcpp only use Tauon if I want a Bling music session.

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