Talking tilling window manager and at the end the os is Arch ;)

Hi great team,
i have followed this Tilling Video about tilling manager form the
Very interesting.

After two hours, the os is Arch linux with only 560 packages, respect. Pleasure :wink:


LOL, I like her tee, but Iā€™m not feeling ready to listen for 2 hours. :smiley:

I remember watching this a couple of years ago but I also remember that this video had waaay more views, so I just looked for it and found it. This video is indeed the same one BUT the guy in the first comment wrote the right time for each window manager she talked about (if you want to watch them individually of course).

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Nope. Iā€™m focused on Comedy Central at the time. One more beer, please. :smiley:

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