System Provisioning

Hi all

I am currently provisioning my AL with Ansible roles I written and maintain myself here

I have also think of building y own ISO which with this comes a lot of complexity ( please DO COMMENT ON THIS )

What are your ways of building a fresh AL sam as before ?

Worth mentioning, my Ansible code base is also used when I got to my work Mac to create a vagrant Arch VM and work on the same environment as my personal laptop

What are your thoughts

I don’t know anything about ansible or the rest but I do know the AL iso build process and it’s quite simple.

It’s hosted and documented here Bitbucket


Once I have you here.

See on the archinstall at the last step there is a JSON

Can I export it and reuse it ad a single command on my next install ?

Sorry I’ve never used archinstall (we have our own) but a little digging on archinstall - ArchWiki led me to
Guided installation — python-archinstall v2.3.0.dev0 documentation

The AL installer is the installer right ??

Correct, the one I linked in my first response.

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This is super! I have been building my custom ezarcher iso’s and they work great. Have my own packages included also. But this is a great next step, building my own Archlabs iso!

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I just rolled my own AL iso this morning. Didn’t add anything this time.

@natemaia - no problems.