Swith to xanmod Kernel problem

Bad boy test xanmod install but … it seems there is a package problem

do you have the same issue ?
Thanks for help

Wow, never had this happening to me before !

Have you checked their forum !

ok, i will wait a fix from aur.
And next time, promise i will switch to xanmod :wink:

lol, no problem, wonder what happened

Looks like AUR packages are no longer allowed to run supplied scripts as part of the packaging process, which seems sensible.

You can build the kernel manually by first downloading the PKGBUILD:

mkdir -p ~/git/aur && cd ~/git/aur
sudo pacman -S git
git clone https://aur.archlinux.org/linux-xanmod.git
cd linux-xanmod

Now create a file at ~/git/aur/linux-xanmod/microarch.patch with this content:

@@ -159,8 +159,9 @@
     scripts/config --disable CONFIG_USER_NS_UNPRIVILEGED

-  # Let's user choose microarchitecture optimization in GCC
-  sh ${srcdir}/choose-gcc-optimization.sh $_microarchitecture
+  # Optimise for microarchitecture (autodetected by gcc)
+  sed -e 's|^CONFIG_GENERIC_CPU=y|# CONFIG_GENERIC_CPU is not set|g' -i .config
+  sed -e "s|^# CONFIG_MNATIVE is not set|CONFIG_MNATIVE=y|g" -i .config
   # This is intended for the people that want to build this package with their own config
   # Put the file "myconfig" at the package folder to use this feature

Then apply the patch:

patch < microarch.patch

And finally build and install the package:

makepkg -sri

The patch applies a microarchitecture optimisation autodetected by gcc, which should work well for your processor.


Top @Head_on_a_Stick

@Head_on_a_Stick, many thanks, i will test this week end.
At this time, there is a pb with the gpg key

unknown public key 38DBBDC86092693E

so i use this option
And now it is compiling

After 7 hours it continue to compile. My laptop is not done for kernel compilation.
So i will waiting a xanmod binary release.

I could host a package for you in my OBS repository but it would have to be a generic microarchitecture configuration because they build stuff in VMs.


@Head_on_a_Stick, It’s very kind.
no thank you. because the next kernel update i will be in the same situation. It’s very kind.

Might not be the same as the latest, never know.