Sway windows flickering and wine

I just have a couple of questions about sway.

I am trying to set app x to open on workspace y. How do I do that in sway?

Is wine incompatible with sway-wayland-xwayland? I have a few programs that I need for work and I have to be able to use wine. (I do not use windows).


On sway the most accurate way is to use app_id, e.g. as below:

assign [app_id="(?i)(?:blueman-manager|pamac-manager)"] → workspace number 8

XWayland apps, however, won’t have any app_id. You may use title or class instead.

Never tried, but I don’t think so, as Steam works well.

Ok nice! I will probably be able to figure out “app-start-workspace” !

Wine on the other hand with my music-score apps is another story. I have followed some tips but I still get wine occupying a window where my music-app gets a small space in the upper left corner. 10 min search gave about 100 with same or similar problems with many different apps (but no solution). Steam has a lot of problems with wayland too but there I could see some solutions and workarounds.

Sway is really quick and very light on resources and I like it!
I am very eager to continue configuring and try out waybar with extras.


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Hi again!
Found a possible workaround that could help wine draw the window correctly! To start Sway from tty2!
I wonder if thatś possible while still having openbox, i3-gaps, bspwm starting with lightdm?

Thankful for a hint!


Starting sway just by typing sway from CLI is the default. Display Managers are optional, not even promised to work.

I thank you Maestro for your answer!!

I guess the easiest way is to start cli from interrupting grub then?


Pressing Ctrl+Alt+F2 on the login screen should do the job. :slight_smile:

Great! Even better!


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