Swap Running Windows with Rofi

I normally used desktop middle click or super+tab to open the OSD showing the running windows until I came across this:

rofi -combi-modi window,drun -show combi -display-drun 'Programs: ' -display-window 'Running: '

Now all you need to do is sue the super key to launch rofi and you have it all in one!



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Excellent. Can’t wait to try this out. Will probably drop plank like a hot potato.

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rofr.sh -w

works too!

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I made a few changes


So it does!

I prefer the way I have it as I have a million keybinds already.

I got all my stuff setup just using rofi and ploybar now on top of fvwm. Might check out @philT configs to get some transparency on the rofer