Suru Plus Bluetooth Icon Inconsistency

Hi All,

   This isn't a very important issue, but it is one that is bothering me.  

  I'm trying the icon theme Suru Plus Aspromauros, and all of the status bar icons are white in the status bar system-tray for openbox, except the bluetooth icon.  This icon comes up as a blue icon in the status bar (tint2). I've gone through all of the folders in the Suru folder in usr/share/icons, and I can't find the blue icon that Suru is displaying in order to change it.

  I'm using Blueman.   

Anything to point me in the right direction would be much appreciated...


So I’ve found that Suru is using a bluetooth icon in the Hicolor icon folder for some reason.

Now it’s just a matter of systematically going through and finding which icon it is exactly…

Hi @robabo

Suru ++ isn’t our project. Best thing to do is to create a a comment at the original site.

Ok, thanks Matt

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