Surf browser keeps crashing on most sites

So I was trying to get surf to work today because I’ve never really used it. Since I’m using this old laptop as a secondary machine, which has a low resolution screen, I was looking for an alternative to fully featured browsers that don’t have tabs and stuff like that so I can really use my screen real state (I don’t really quite like qutebrowser even though I have it installed). But everytime a page finishes loading the browser crashes. On some simple websites like suckless, ddg etc it works just fine, but youtube, reddit and even our forums it just won’t work and crashes like immediately after the page finishes loading. I installed webkitgtk2 as suggested in the instructions. Is there anything else I might be missing?

I’ve been really disappointed with Surf lately. It is slow and crashes all the time.

Are you using any patches or is it vanilla?

I was thinking about using it for studying suff, basically just some reading. But I might just give it up since you pointed it out.
I’ve actually tried building from source and tried the aur version as well, same result. I’ve also tried Luke Smith’s fork but same result. Patches work fine while the browser is waiting to crash lol even got link hints to work, the problem it mostly on havier sites.

I’ve tried numerous times to make Surf my default browser because I love the idea of a fullscreen browsers but it just frustrates me too much to use 100%.

Firefox is just too good.

Totally agree, gotta love firefox. Do you use any custom userChrome.css to decrease url-bar and tabs heights?

Have either of you tried this:

vimb - the vim like browser

I tried it alongside surf and qutebrowser. Pretty smooth browser, easy to work with.

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll look into it tomorrow 'cause it’s pretty late here. btw does the adblock work fine?

Yes; ad blocking via the /etc/hosts files; so the method for surf will also work.

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I’ll give it a try tomorrow!

I used to but all I use now for custom css ism centering bookmarks ont he bookmark bar, desaturate the favicons of the background tabs and full width tabs.

Keeping it simple as css seems to break with each new Firefox.

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That’s a pain.

@PackRat I just installed vimb and I get the same result as surf when opening youtube, reddit etc.
“Webview Crashed on
Is this something related to webkitgtk?