Supporting Linux

We know that there are entities that support Linux in the name of Linux, but all too often, all the funds never trickle down due to administrative costs, etc.

So, who are you supporting through donations that promote Linux/FOSS/etc?
Do you prefer content creators, entities, distro-creators (insert your option)

If you wish to name names, feel free otherwise keeping things generic is quite alright :slight_smile:

From time to time, I donate to free software(including distro) creators/maintainers if I use their products frequently and think they have done a great job. I also try to help others on their forums and think it’s more important for Linux and FSF overall.


I’m quite partial to OpenBSD’s merchandise but otherwise I tend towards forum-based assistance. Not sure how valuable that actually is but I enjoy it :grin:


Is Theo and team still producing songs with each new release?

They stopped for a while but the last three releases have had songs:

Once I supported ArchLabs, but Polish currency doesn’t mean much when converted to NZD. Hope my FOSS contribution means more.


Pfff I think more people should contribute/donate towards your own work, you’ve been restless since I joined AL :slight_smile:

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LOL, too much trouble with taxes. :slight_smile:

It does. A whole lot more.

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Well, I gave Ikey $50 for a SSL cert back in the day … at the end of the day, I was happy the donation appeared to be deposited to his ex’s club party kitty!