Super Bowl LV thread

My Dad and my uncle played golf, I grew up in a golf town (moved back here a few years ago), and I worked the LPGA’s first major championship of their season for five seasons as the media center project manager. My golf game sucks however, but I do get out a shoot a round every once in a while.

I don’t watch or pay attention to the NFL much anymore, for a lot of reasons. One is how hypocritical the league is, like now supporting Black Lives Matter after blackballing Colin Kaepernick from the league due to political pressure, how the league tries to “nationalize” the game by associating it with the American military, how they covered up and lied about the long term health of the players when it came to brain encephalitis, how they force cities to build shiny new stadiums that they can’t fund entirely on their own, thus part of the bill on the taxpayers, how they force Joe Buck on us who I and many others can’t stand watching broadcasts, and how much importance they try to force the game into American life, like we can’t live without it even though we can, especially during a pandemic, which the league fears less than the public finding other forms of entertainment, thus televising games like there wasn’t a lethal virus out there, pumping in crowd noise (which is against league rules, except during a pandemic obviously and only for broadcast reasons this past season) making it seem like life is normal, which it isn’t during a pandemic.

But the main reason why is because of the salary cap, and revenue sharing. I think owners of franchises should be able to spend as much as they please, and franchises should be able to compete freely in the marketplace, without taxpayers helping fund billion dollar stadiums in smaller television markets. Owners should be able to move to a any city that would have them, but only if they can fund the entire franchise from the first shovel into the ground and it’s impact, environmental and fiscal on the city they move to. Or follow the model of the Green Bay Packers, which is owned by the city and it citizens. If a franchise doesn’t have a viable market - like the former San Diego Chargers who now share a billion plus dollar stadium in Los Angeles with the Rams - then let the free market decide if they should exist, not help keep them afloat with revenue sharing, and regulation of spending - the price of player rosters , again the salary cap - because they ultimately create an inferior product due to poor management of what should be a complete free market enterprise, whose expense is passed on to the consumer and taxpayers, who reward more failure than success, thus you have the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Cincinnati Bengals, even the Cleveland Browns, and of course the San Francisco 49ers, who don’t play anywhere near the city, whose shiny new stadium had only two seasons where they had butts in the seats, many of a season due to they being a product that was poorly managed, poorly owned, and thus an inferior product that has had more failures that success over the span of the past 20 years, but because they aren’t in a true free market, they still get rewarded for failing, rather than the marketplace forcing owners to either sell the franchise, or get it’s shit together.

I never played it, I used to post over at FootballGuys’ message board, but I pissed off 49er fans over there, and also Joe Bryant, the site owner, and I didn’t care, I like pissing off 49er fans, they aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed lulz.

I watched a little of that doc. At one point, I wondered when he started to turn into a serial killer. Seriously, it was done like a Ted Bundy doc. I turned it off, it was too sensationalized for me.

Yep, hate that when they do that I mean the sensationalism in lots of stuff as you stated above @drummer .

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