Super Bowl LV thread

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 11-5 regular season record. Previous season: 7-5

Kansas City Chiefs 14-2 regular season record. Previous season: 12-4

Strength of schedule: favored Tampa Bay

Keys: Much is made of Tom Brady vs. Patrick Mahomes. To me it’s more Andy Reid. vs. Bruce Arians.

What to watch for: what either teams does on 4th and short.

Tampa already had to punt, so the possession game is already favoring KC.

3:0 Chiefs. Missed a TD pass in the end zone.

Eventually, getting Mahomes out of the pocket to throw on the run will hit the big play. Brady is using more horizontal offense and getting his completions with it.

Here comes the 4th and short decison

KC goal line stand, TB on 4th and short chose to go for it instead of kicking a FG.

No show for KC in the first half. Completely shut down.

Sure, but key drops and penalties have hurt KC more than TB dominating on defense.

Yes, another pass interference call against KC. Man, they got too excited.

Okay I have no idea what is going on but enjoying watching this even though we are inundated with adverts.

Still no comparison to watching an All Blacks game but still a lot of fun.

We have seen KC down big in big games, and Reid and Co. have made some great halftime adjustments, but KC on defense outside of one or two sacks haven’t put much pressure on Brady, so Brady is going to make them pay by identifying the weaknesses of the defensive overages, especially the matchups of his bigger targets against the smaller defensive backs, thus a buttload of penalties against KC in coverage.

This game does go on. So many stoppages.

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KC’s OL played bad. Mahomes hardly had time to identify his targets pretty much in every play.

Hope they can make some adjustments during the break. Need to rush Brady a little more and protect their own QB.

The average NFL play from snap to down is around 6.3 seconds or less, but now with quarterbacks in the shotgun position - where he stands behind center a few yards away from center, opposed to the when quarterbacks used to crouch right behind center, read the defense, call his cadence, take the snap, and take a three to five step drop to then go though his reads and progressions - taking all that out makes the “pre-snap read” to pass much quicker. But the time in between still averages out, unless the offense is in hurry up mode, which forces defense to not substitute players and adjust to the offensive formations.

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This 803 beer really really sucks ass BTW. I might as well bought Miller fuckin’ High Life.

Tom Brady IMO is the greatest quarterback to play the game - with the outlier of playing in the post “Salary Cap” era, which I can explain later - but as the GOAT of Super Bowl quarterbacks, well, he’s also lost SB games by his own hands, so KC has all the chance in the world in the second half to win.

I switched to A&W Root Beer for the rest of the game (had some buffalo fried chicken with cole slaw and Roquefort dressing, dipped chicken with Tapatio and said dressing for a sort of bar meal) because the beer really sucks worse than KC on both sides of the ball so far lulz. Like to see KC mount a comeback, as there is no comeback of any sort for that shite beer.

@drummer Id have to agree that he’s a badass.

After watching the Tiger Woods documentary on HBO. I think there’s a lot of parallels between him and tiger.

He’s just so good that a lot of people want him to fail

Anyways, he’s not my QB but I wish him many more good years.

I don’t look at how many championships a player has to weigh into GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) status, especially in the NFL, because then one has to exclude the league(s) outside of the Super Bowl era, which hadn’t started until the late 60’s after the merger of the National and American football leagues. Then Baltimore Colts quarterback and Hall of Fame inductee Johnny Unitas was considered the GOAT until Brady, as he won championships pre-merger and then a Super Bowl. Green Bay QB Bart Starr also won pre and post merger, one Super Bowl where his game stats were abysmal. Terry Bradshaw won four Super Bowls while hardly spectacular, Peyton Manning won his second after one of the worst regular seasons ever posted by a Super Bowl winning quarterback, worse than Trent Dilfer, who won with the Baltimore Ravens, who then was traded after that season. Tom Brady - in one of the greatest regular seasons ever by a quarterback, where he posted 50 touchdowns to like 8 interceptions, having only taken less than 20 sacks - was a season where he lost a Super Bowl to Eli Manning and the New York Giants, the only game the New England Patriots lost that entire season. That season IMO was when Brady could be considered the GOAT, which he clearly solidified during the past four or five seasons. Aaron Rodgers may not be able to match Brady when all is said and done as far as championships, yet he may have a shot at surpassing Brady in touchdowns passed during regular seasons, how many touchdowns to interceptions, and how many sacks taken, which to me are the three main metrics to wiegh a quarterback season with.

Now when it comes to the Greatest Super Bowl Quarterbacks, Joe Montana of the San Francisco 49ers was that maybe until last night, with Brady winning one with another team (as Peyton Manning had winning with two different teams as well, but we would also have to consider the eras within the Super Bowl era of the NFL, which are the pre and post Salary Cap eras. The NFL Salary Cap was mandated in 1995, as a reaction to then San Francisco 49ers owner Eddie DeBartolo Jr. and current Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones having somewhat of an arms race acquiring talent (along with the late Oakland/Los Angeles/Oakland owner signing players to large contracts). Ironically, when you hear one decry “Socialism” here in America, well I bring you the NFL, with a sort of half baked version of what people here consider Socialism, with the NFL self regulating spending, sharing revenue among the franchises, collective bargaining, creating parity to keep lesser teams competitive in the marketplace, yadda yadda.

The Salary Cap put a limit on what franchises could spend per season, which created a new era of free agency among the league. Prior to the cap mandate, teams could not only go after premium talent, but more importantly, keep premium talent they acquired or developed. Post the cap mandate, franchises couldn’t keep talent as they did pre cap era, while going after other talent. Think pre Salary Cap 49ers, when they had both Joe Montana and Steve Young on the same team. Today, that would be near impossible. But here lies a sort of weird conundrum when it comes to Tom Brady being the GOAT: while Brady made the most of the talent around him due to “parity” in the league, he also hadn’t faced a defense like pre cap Pittsburgh Steelers “Steel Curtain”, or teams that were loaded with talent, kept that talent, and fortified it with more talent in order to beat Tom Brady. Also, one has to consider rule changes in the league that helped the passing game more (due to brain encephalitis and long term health of players, as well as the impact of fantasy football has as a revenue stream, and added interest of games as a whole, games that don’t have any marquee value because who cares about the Bengals vs. the Jaguars, because they both suck, but they have players of either team in their fantasy roster).

Tom Brady is the GOAT due to how consistent he has remained and how high his level of play is during the regular seasons he has played in, and the amount of games he has played. You can take four Super Bowl rings away from him, his recent Super Bowl wins even, and he would still be the GOAT, even if he hadn’t reached the Super Bowl in his past five seasons. He has faced so many different defensive schemes and players, as well as lead so many offensive schemes and players, for the past 20 years, and still plays at a level that is insane for a quarterback his age, or any age for that reason. He outplayed the future of the league in Patrick Mahomes, most likely will face him again in the Super Bowl, and unlike Tiger Woods - who is still chasing Jack Nicklaus when it comes to championships - quarterbacks like Mahomes are chasing Brady in the same, and Brady still ain’t done.

Good point. I really don’t like football that much but golf and fishing so I’ll take your word for it.

You should Fantasy Football. Your a whiz.