Sunrise in Napier New Zealand

This is the sunrise in Napier NZ this morning. There is so much smoke out there its like we are covered in rain clouds.

Excuse the blurry pic, I took it from my phone.

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Nicee @Dobbie03

Hopefully you guys wont have too much stuff coming from the big fire. Know it s far but one never knows

We are fine here thanks man. But those poor people in Aussie. I came across this guide on what to do this morning:

That is some scary stuff.

Yep , see that in the news, poor fellas, hopefully it will get better soon for them !

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Same here but there is hectare upon hectare of burning land. I think it is going to take a miracle to put them out.

Yep , needs to get colder & rain !

It really is. We were evacuated from our cabin only three weeks ago. It’s really eerie. The fire doubled in size overnight due to winds. Some decided to stay, and were trapped only three hours after we decided to get out.

A lot of people don’t realise how quickly fire travels.

Similar skies 6hrs north Dobbie. Hoping the conditions change for them over the ditch. Nightmare stuff.