Suggestions for good JWM and IceWM "out of the box?"


Hi all,
I care enough about OB and Fluxbox to learn some tweaking and configuring. I have only a passing interest in JWM and IceWM, but would like to see them in action. So far the distros I’ve put them on just give me the plain vanilla basics. Can anyone suggest distros that install them fully configured and ready to showcase what they can do? Thx.


Star Linux - Ozi does a good job with that project. The jwm build is the main iso:

and there is always Puppy Linux if you want to check out jwm.


^STAR’s a good one and another I recently came across but haven’t had time to try is Obarun… It’s Arch based but again, non-systemd.

Several months back, I was playing with my own spin based on an Ubuntu minimal iso w/jwm. It was a joy to use and a serious screamer… Idling @ around 87mb in a 64bit system. I probably still have my sorted configs, if you’re interested… It would get ya going but of course, you’d need to alter them to your tastes. Busy morning but let me know and I’ll share them with you. Another option if it’s still available for download as an old community spin, would be Manjaro’s jwm, grab that and pull it’s configs to use upon whatever base you like. JWM’s easy to work with once you learn your way around the config files.

** antiX is another which I believe has both jwm and icewm already available in the full version.


Nate and I have discussed adding JWM to the ISO and we have pretty much come to the conclusion that it’s not going to happen at this point. We already have a heap to maintain. If the demand grows we will revisit the idea.

Good thing for us Arch users, its nice and easy to install. :slight_smile:



For JWM try


For a custom JWM out of the box, there is 4MLinux4MLinux.
I never tried it though