Suggestions for good JWM and IceWM "out of the box?"

Hi all,
I care enough about OB and Fluxbox to learn some tweaking and configuring. I have only a passing interest in JWM and IceWM, but would like to see them in action. So far the distros I’ve put them on just give me the plain vanilla basics. Can anyone suggest distros that install them fully configured and ready to showcase what they can do? Thx.

Star Linux - Ozi does a good job with that project. The jwm build is the main iso:

and there is always Puppy Linux if you want to check out jwm.

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Nate and I have discussed adding JWM to the ISO and we have pretty much come to the conclusion that it’s not going to happen at this point. We already have a heap to maintain. If the demand grows we will revisit the idea.

Good thing for us Arch users, its nice and easy to install. :slight_smile:



For a custom JWM out of the box, there is 4MLinux4MLinux.
I never tried it though

I tried 4MLinux 29.0 in real hardware. It is really cool and consumes only 138 MB of memory on idle state.

The only problem is, 4MLinux is an independent distribution and has no package manager built-in. (At least as per my knowledge). If you want to install any package, you need to build it from source, except for some packages which has AddOn options for installing with single click.

If you like to see screenshots of 4MLinux 29.0, checkout here -

You may also see the slideshow in YouTube -

While 4Mlinux might be a nice lightweight option for older hardware and it is, i dont think it would be worth putting it on a newer machine as it is only i686 compatible.

Good reminder @s7l @niyasc , might be good for my old lappies.

Yes, may be. Still it is a good option for people just want to explore JWM out of the box.

and copy the configs too. :grin:

Another good jwm desktop is/was done by Manjaro community editions.

KiboJoe edition. Has a really nicely setup jwm, although i think the project has stalled or even stopped. You can still download the old iso’s and pinch the configs for your self if you wanted.

Bit of history on the edition from the Manjaro forum.

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