[Suggestion] AUR helper as an optional choice during installation?

I know Archlabs has its own AUR helper, baph. As such, it’s fine, but I was wondering if it’d be cosidered to have it as an optional package selection during installation, so that it is not installed by default, if not selected?

It’d of course depend on how much is baph integrated into the core system itself, but still… a proposition…

As there are quite a few to select from, wouldn’t it be easier to just install one once installed?

@natemaia will probably agree here.

It’s a 230 line script that has no external dependencies. It’s not really integrated with anything, just a simpler option for people like myself who have no interest in larger AUR helpers. I don’t think it really has any impact whether it’s installed or not given the size of the package. Users that don’t want it can always remove the archlabs-baph package.

Recent versions of the installer allow entering commands to run on the new system for last minute cleanup, so you could do

pacman -R archlabs-baph 

Yep easy to install or remove packages, as I do to all of my installs.

I kinda felt the same way by maybe having the ability to install both latest kernel and LTS but like natemaia mentioned, its easy enough to toss in a command or two after the fact :slight_smile:

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