Suckless Void Installer

Hey @PackRat have you seen this one?


Have not seen that.

That’s sort of what I do, but the customizations are built into the iso. Can’t do that with dwm though.

Did you look at his dwm config?


No I haven’t. I will though.

EDIT: I took a a look, a nice simple config.

Nice. Yeah, your spin is nice.


I like this looks pretty hands on installer. But I will stay with my dk-void.
Nice fined


Looks like he cloned a whole suite of suckless tools and wrote an installation script to build them.

Interesting project. I thought his name looked familiar. He had a similar project for running Sway on Alpine Linux.


He does one for Suckless on Alpine too.

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I did a quick read of his build script. It’s just calls to his personal git repos for suckless tools. I would think you could use that script on any base Linux or *BSD install and get the dwm desktop. All you need are bash, git, and the build tools for the distro.

Any idea what scdoc and aerc are? I did a search for scdoc and went right to South Carolina Department of Corrections. Probably a bad idea to clone those repos.

Edit - They’re in the Void repos:

[-] scdoc-1.11.2_1 Tool for generating roff manual pages
[-] aerc-0.14.0_1 Terminal email client


Probably but anyone like ourselves will always do their own configs anyway. It’s a base to start from I suppose.

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It’s a good introduction to dwm for anyone that wants to check it out but does not want to get into the weeds of configuration files and compiling.