Subtitle videos

Is there a way to subtitle videos on a site using Vimeo?
Thank you.

Nothing ? :frowning:

Maybe this?

I am not sure I understand your question clear enough. If you meant to upload videos from one site to Vimeo and wish Vimeo to add subtitles automatically in the videos, it’s not easy. I doubt Vimeo currently has such ability. That needs a speech recognition & text generation engine behind. It’s a lot of work which requires machine learning & AI. I believe at this stage, only Google’s Youtube is capable of doing it.

I’m learning jazz guitar on an américain site. This site is in English and the vidéos too. But, there are no possibility to have subtitle.

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Try to have the same video on youtube ( Might not be your choice), you might have some luck @NoBoss

This vidéos are not on you tube… ( the site is not free ) That’s the problem…

Oh, sad news, but loads of jazz guitar tutorials over YT, but it depends on the teacher I guess.

Oh yes, but Barry Greene is a Master for me.

Oh, this guitarist ! Might give you a hand somehow while waiting for you to resolve your issues here with vimeo;

If you’re not violating copyright, one option is to download the videos from that site and then upload them to Let google do the dirty work behind.

Or, if you have an Android phone with release 11, you could use the recorder to do the work. It has a built in transcript function. Launch the app & start recording. Play the video nearby. Make sure the phone is close to the speaker so that the voice can be captured. After it’s played. Save the recording and then transcript. Save the text file. Now you need to figure out the timeline. After timestamps are added in the text file, use a video processing software (for example Avidemux) to combine the original video and your text file (subtitles) together.

Oh, guess that you paid for the tutorial or course then right @NoBoss

I download with ( addon mozilla )
The icone of subtitle is in the bottom of video with red line( in french, for me )
When I start vidéo, there are not subtitle…