Strange Vivaldi Behaviour in dwm

So I thought I’d try out Vivaldi browser and so I set it up as I have FIrefox, to open on Tag 1 with the following:

/* class            role                          instance     title   tags mask  switchtag  iscentered   isfloating   monitor */
{ "Vivaldi-stable",        NULL,                         NULL,        NULL,   1,	      1,         0,           0,            1 },

But for some reason I would get an identical instance on both Tag1 & 2. Weird. So I removed the above line from my config.h and rebuilt. Logged out and back in. Restarted Vivaldi and as I was sitting on Tag 1 I expected Vivaldi to open there. No, it opened on Tag 2, only one instance this time.

I have no idea why, nothing is in my config.h relating to Vivaldi for this to happen this way. I’m stumped.

I know truly nada about dwm, so this might be wholly N/A. Furthermore my DE [not WM] is Plasma, & whilst the following info is important in Plasma, it’s not in other DEs, so might also not apply for WMs. However i know V pretty well having used it as my default since Feb 2015, so i’ll offer this just in case.

Once V is launched, open its Settings, then navigate within to where my pic shows. If your Settings atm are still default, your Native Window box will still be unticked.

Plasma has, as well as Virtual Desktops, these alternative things called Activities. Users can configure individual apps to appear in only a single Activity if they like, or multiple ones. However that granular control only works for apps running within a NW. Apps that are running “naked” then show on every Activity. The solution, for puzzled Plasmoidal users of V, is to thus tick that box & restart V.

What happens for you if you try ticking that box & restarting V ?

If i hear a faint explosion waft across the Tasman i’ll guess that it all went pear-shaped for you… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for the tip but no change. That is one of the first things I enabled :smiley:

It’s a weird little bug.

Why not ask about it in the V Forum? It’s very helpful.

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I don’t have switchtag patch, but is it possible that tags mask =1 means “put on tag 1” and switchtag=1 means “put also on tag 1+1”? Sort of like 1<<1 for tagsmask? That might explain you getting instances on tags 1 and 2. And perhaps the latter setting persists somewhere, hence next time around you get it only on 2.

Maybe just try w/ switchtag set to 0 or some other value to see if it is consistent w/ above hypothesis?

Just a thought …

I removed the entire line expecting Vivaldi to open on the current tag. No, it always opens on the second tag.

Right, perhaps it persisted somewhere (some cache etc.), might have to be overwritten by a different setting. That’s why removing the line might not have fixed it. Again, not sure at all, just a thought…

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It’s a good thought. I am going to look into it more. It is bizarre.

A good idea too.

My guess is the first time you ran it, that setting is somewhere stored in .cache/vivaldi. Then when you changed dwm binary, but it still referred to that old cache to startup, and so started on tag 2.

If you change the switchtag to something else, it should overwrite.

Hope it works out. Vivaldi is a fine browser (it was started by the dude who made opera such a nice featureful browser a decade or so back).


  • Vinay

Yeah, you are probably right. I’m not too worried about it as I was only dabbling with Vivaldi as Firefox is my daily.