Strange Characters

Strange characters appear in different applications , specially when Japanese and Chinese words are disclosed.
Can you assist?
Thank you, Nelson.

Can t help you much but can you post the results as you can have some help from other members.

Usually a font issue. Do you have a font installed that supports Japanese etc… characters?

Dear Altman
Thank you…
These are the characters that appear in all applications( browser, email client, etc).
Link to download the file :

Thank you for your assistance.
Stay Safe.

I made a straight forward Archlabs Plasma and Dwm installation.
Did not add any other fonts rathar than the ones the installation offers.
These are the characters (web link):

Thank you for your assistance.
Stay Safe.

If it can be of any help I ll be glad !

As @PackRat stated, it might have to to with Japanese & Chinese fonts not installed yet.

OK, which Japanese & Chinese fonts should I install? Where can I download them?

This can be of some help to you @neldu311



In terms of font support,

$sudo pacman -S noto-fonts noto-fonts-extra noto-fonts-cjk

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Good call @chroot

It’s come to my attention that @altman is indeed a strange character :wink:


Thank you all.
Now, I can see the Japanese fonts.
Great help.
Stay Safe.

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lol, hope that you just didn t noticed it just right now !

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That s cool @neldu311 . Please mark it as solved & its solution as it can help other members in the future.

Enjoy AL & have a great year !