Stick status in dwm bar to main monitor

Does anyone know how to make the status that is piped to the dwm bar just stick to the main bar on the main monitor?

I used conky piped to dwm bar as my status.


I have the same issue with slstatus. Have you looked through the patches? I looked a month or so ago and didn’t see one.

Slstatus is a bit different from conky in that I don’t need to pipe it to the bar. You may want to check the man page for the command (xsetroot?) that pipes conky to the statusbar.

I’ve had a look but also can’t find anyting.

Good call.

I’m searching for a solution now - you have re-motivated me @Dobbie03

This is actually a good thread on the Arch Forum - dwm hacker thread - someone there may have figured it out; or you can ask if they know how it’s done.

Edit - I just asked in that thread; @Dobbie03 you can monitor it to see if I get an answer.

I have been searching too, I have asked at /r/suckless to see if anyone knows there too.

At least it has been asked before - - one solution is to patch dwm so the status information is on all monitors..

Edit - patch worked on my already patched dwm:

I can live with this until I figure out how to keep the information on the main monitor.

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Hmmm, yeah I can’t use that as the status information I am using is too long for my vertical monitor. It’s also the monitor that olds the systray so there is even less room.

Good find though.

How about this one! I missed this on my last sweep:

Just about to patch and test.


The suckless page - dual monitors; pretty brief but maybe some xrandr magic will help you out.

That looks like a winner.

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It is a winner. Works perfectly.

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Cool -

and I already got a reply - that is still a good thread for dwm hacks.

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Nice, jwr does know his stuff when it comes to dwm too.

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That patch applied no issues on my heavily patched dwm:

so chose your poison - status on all monitors, or just one.

Nice, yeah no issues on my end either.

I choose…you!

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So did I. Something different; i3 and spectrwm put the status info on both monitors by default.


LOL, now I am getting a shadow on the systray only and not the bar! :smiley: The configuring continues!

Which tray?

"class_g *?= 'stalonetray'",

in my picom.conf fixes that.

Or are you getting a shadow around the systray patch for dwm?

Nah it’s the patched tray. I can live with it for now. I’m on the hunt to find a solution though.