Stephen Kings Movies getting the remakes they deserve

So it really started with Carrie a couple of years back and then IT. To me they were how they should have originally portrayed the books in the movies. Now Pet Sematary, which is one fucking scary book, is coming out later this year.

The trailer was creepy as hell so it looks like we are in for a good movie


Oh , interesting !

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We need some Maximum Overdrive love in here. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I didnt like the IT remake, i do however rate Mr Mercedes.

Someone should remake The Shining, maybe when old mate Jack passes on.

I really liked the remake. I am really excited about Part Two.

I also was not terribly impressed by the It remake, but I was very glad they got rid of the “bonding” scene that took place after the kids banished Pennywise — what the hell was Mr. King thinking when he wrote that? :grimacing:

Pet Cemetery does look interesting though, I agree.

EDIT: I mean “Semetery” obviously, strange spelling that.

Yeah as much as I didn’t like that scene in the book it is crucial to the story. Personally I prefer it to the tv series. I love Pennywise in the new one.

yeah stephen king can be a bit pedophilic in his story telling and truly fucked up, Mr Mercedes is about some computer nerd who goes on a killing spree in a mercedes and mows down a number people looking for work at a faire, the protagonist is molested by his mother. Fucked up but because Stephen knows how to spin a good story we enjoy it.

Because the kids that marked the old Indian ceremonial ground where they could take their dead pets misspelled the sign. Don’t remember if that was explained in the original movie; part of the folklore in the book.

Movie looks good. Be tough to improve on The Shining or The Dead Zone.

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I do believe The Shining could be improved upon. There has to be a reason why SK wanted nothing to do with the movie adaption.

What I want more than anything else in life is a truly, well done dedicated, 3-4 part movie of The Stand. I do think that done properly it would be one of the all time best movies.

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Probably because Stanley Kubrick was a bit of a twat, he made Clockwork Orange without even reading the full version of the book — the US version he read lacked the final chapter and without that it’s just a nasty film about nasty people doing nasty things; Anthony Burgess was furious with the film and disowned it completely.

You didn’t like the tv series of the stand? I could watch that again actually, been friggan years since i seen this.

I didnt mind it but you are right a good trilogy (stephen king is the trilogy master) maybe with a decent budget i would be at the cinema for sure.

That makes sense.

@s7l, No I liked it but it was missing too many crucial bits.