Steelhead (hatchery testing) Development

I was able to install only yesterday. The two days before I kept getting wget read errors.

calamares ‘Replace a partition’ came to use.
Everything went quickly and without problems.
After the reboot I had some problems with the allocation from sdb7 to sdb10, which was swapped.
But this must have nothing to do with calamares, because I had this swapping between sda and sdb in the past with debians-text-installer too. I haven’t found the cause yet (the only thing I haven’t done yet is swap the disks on the MB)

sudo parted -l
[sudo] Passwort für unklar: 
Model: ATA ST3250820AS (scsi)
Disk /dev/sda: 250GB
Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/512B
Partition Table: msdos
Disk Flags: 

Number  Start   End     Size    Type      File system     Flags
 1      1049kB  16,1GB  16,1GB  primary   ext4            boot
 2      16,2GB  250GB   234GB   extended
 5      16,2GB  31,9GB  15,7GB  logical   linux-swap(v1)
 6      31,9GB  138GB   106GB   logical   fat32
 8      138GB   225GB   87,7GB  logical   ext4
 7      225GB   250GB   24,6GB  logical   ext4

Model: ATA WD2502ABYS-23B7A (scsi)
Disk /dev/sdb: 250GB
Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/512B
Partition Table: msdos
Disk Flags: 

Number  Start   End     Size    Type      File system  Flags
 1      1049kB  11,5GB  11,5GB  primary   ext4
 2      11,5GB  250GB   239GB   extended
 5      11,5GB  59,4GB  48,0GB  logical   ext4
 6      59,4GB  167GB   107GB   logical   fat32
10      167GB   194GB   27,1GB  logical   ext4
 7      194GB   205GB   10,9GB  logical   ext4
 8      205GB   225GB   20,0GB  logical   ext4
 9      225GB   250GB   25,5GB  logical   ext4

With the reboot the ‘automatic login’ was not executed as actually specified in calamares.

Otherwise, @¢og, everything paletti.
I have supplemented the debian repos with non-free-firmware. It purrs. :+1:


@cog - installed Steelhead on legacy BIOS.
No hay problemas, pilgrim.

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@PackRat @anon28865476 thanks for the feedback guys. Sounds like the install is going pretty smooth now! What installers did y’all use just out of curiosity?

@unklar the auto login checkbox does not work because it requires lightdm which I don’t ship with hatchery. I’ve looked at removing the checkbox but it will require patching calamares. Will get around to it one of these days. Also you shouldn’t have to modify apt/sources.list anymore it was fixed on the latest iso last I checked.

I chose to install from the boot menu and it defaulted to the Debian installer.


@cog same as @PackRat


Thanks, @cog,
can you provide in riopecos that this suspend dialog ‘AFTER suspend’ is no longer on the desktop?
It happens easily, if the mouse was not moved, that one accidental click sends the computer back to suspend.

Second error (loss of focus)
I can’t use the ‘Auto-Type’ of keepassxc for logging into the forum.
It works only single

  • login name
  • password
    and enter via clipboard.

Is there a trick in dk?

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I’ll work on the suspend issue. There were some known issues with keepasxc on dk. You might ask @natemaia in the dk support thread. What he had told me was related to minimize to tray or something. He posted a fix for it in the latest commit to dk’s git repo. natemaia / dk / commit / d6cc43d5c324 — Bitbucket

Edit: I fixed the suspend issue, you can test by using the following eww.yuck file to replace ~/.config/eww/eww.yuck

If you don’t want to replace the file you can just change "systemctl suspend" to "eww update suspend_open=false && eww close suspend-confirm && systemctl suspend" at the top of that file.

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Nice work @cog .

It works with suspend!
Thanks @cog, you are the best.

With keepassxc the linked fix is over my head.
I do not have the disappearance of the window keepassxc. However, based on reading the bug’s, I just installed wmctrl and called the whole thing with the command in terminal:

sleep 2 && wmctrl -s 0 && keepassxc

to see if there are any error messages. Now I’m paffed because logging into the forum with ‘auto-type’ works fine and the terminal shows no errors.

Maybe I still need to investigate this because, I can’t believe it after all the failures… :blush:

keepassxc, I think I have found the workable solution for me.
I did the tests on steelhead and riogrande, because keepassxc is available in different versions here.

You don’t really need wmctrl, but what solves the problem is the ‘sleep’. This made me increase the ‘Start delay for Auto-Type’ from 500ms to 900ms in the settings of keepassxc. :wink:
With this, I old man then also manage the focus with the mouse in the relevant window. :grin:

I’ve uploaded a new steelhead 030123 iso.

dk is now replaced with hlwm (herbstluftwm). You won’t notice any user experience differences unless you run neofetch or go to configure it. hlwm is a manual tiling wm with loads of control over layouts etc, kind of like a cross between xmonad and awesome. Closer to the bookworm release I might also add an fvwm3 session for a floating wm experience, and if so all the openbox users will realize what they’ve been missing :wink: I have all my old fvwm configs tee’d up but don’t have them added to hatchery yet.

BTW: debian installer is broken again because of a new kernel so you need to use the installer from the live-session (calamares, it will prompt you on login, logout of the live-session again if you want to trigger the installer prompt again) if you want to install.


When did you start using that window manager?

Oh, top @cog


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@PackRat @KoO

I’ve been really busy at work last month and still am so it’s been a good time to try some new stuff and really put it through the paces.

I revisited bspwm after many years but felt it was limiting.

Then tried herbstluftwm and felt it was on par with dk in regards to its defaults and what you could make it do. Plus it’s already packaged in Debian.


:smile_cat: :+1:

downloading now …


Hey I’ve had a hatchery slack channel for a while now that’s been empty for a couple months. Anyone wanting to join PM me and I’ll get you setup.


I set it up before @Dobbie03 let us use the AL forums, was gonna use it as a support area but anybody wanting to do a hatchery hangout can use it now.

Just uploaded a steelhead 030823 iso. It has pipewire instead of pulseaudio for anyone wanting to try all that. Debian installer is still broken but calamares works from the splash screen in the live session.


Thanks for steelhead works wonderfully about 450mb on bootup. :+1:

I will stick with alsa ,as I don’t really have a need for pipewire. I only play music and the web.

Something to do with missed matched kernel version.