Steelhead (hatchery testing) Development

Please use this thread for future steelhead talk, we’ll leave the other one open for Hatchery stable help.

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Check out the new debian testing based “steelhead” hatchery iso for anyone wanting newer stuff. It will be a semi-rolling release for anyone wanting to see what’s next. It’s pretty basic right now. Just newer packages.

details are towards the bottom:


Just writing to a USB as we speak.


nice. bout to jump on the yellow brick road too!

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The steelhead installer and kernel doesn’t work at the moment. It’s mismatched. The live session works but not the installer.

The live session is working good. I’ll get back to the installer in a few days: see if some of the packages work themselves out.

Edit: There’s a bug filed for this. Might be a while before they get it sorted out. In the meantime only live session on steelhead will be supported.

For anyone wanting to see whats next, please see the steelhead section towards the bottom:

hatchery steelhead based on Debian testing now installs and runs in a live session as long as you are on UEFI and not legacy-boot. (also no secure-boot for now, to keep things simple)

type from a terminal or rofi in the live-session to start the installer:

sudo calamares

The catch is I had to switch over to calamares for testing because debian installer won’t be stable until later this year with bookworm. Also I can’t support UEFI and BIOS both simultaneously with calamares because of debian packaging.

steelhead will always be the name of hatchery testing, a unique river codename will be given to it once debian releases it’s next stable release and hatchery packages and isos stablize around that.


Downloading as we speak, tomorrow my time (it’s 4:35 PM here) I’ll be installing it on the desktop here. Updates during the day, looking forward to it!

Edit: checksums worked out well also. Ready to go. Moving nwg-sway to the laptop

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Thanks man. You kind of inspired it after you took my stable iso/live-build and went all testing with it. :wink:

@Peppe also the live-build source code is on my bitbucket git repo too if you check out the “steelhead” branch from “hatchery-lb-config”.

Great man! But I am a lazy bugger: I’ll snort the cocaine, but never cut it :rofl:
But there are a couple of these really cool projects out there like yours, nwg-sway, lilidog, eznix etc etc. The power of open source! Thnx for your efforts!

NP lol. I just uploaded it for testing, nothing extra. Enjoy.

Checked the packages in the source, looks very clean and neat. I will probably just switch out thunar/engrampa for nemo/fileroller but that’s about it. I’ll first have a go at the ‘standard’ iso, looking good! More later today.

Working your way toward Hatchery Sid?

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Haha. No I’d run AL if I wanted new stuff all the time. Just branched steelhead to be able to test on Debian testing before it’s released.

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is only for UEFI?


You can run the steelhead live session on both bios or uefi but since I have to use calamares for the installer right now (debian installer is broke on bookworm at the moment) I can only set it up for bios or uefi by default. So I chose uefi.

However, once you’re in the live-session if you do an apt update and apt install grub-pc and replace grub-amd64-efi with that package you can install it to bios. That is a workaround I just now thought of.

There is a way script that workaround. Siduction does it but I don’t have enough time to mess with it at the moment.

Do you use wpa_supplicant in steelhead?

Yeah it’s nm + wpa_sup. Haven’t experimented with replacing with iwd yet. Also pulse instead of pipe wire. Those are things I want to switch to and steelhead is for that kind of experimentation. :grinning:

Edit: I was already able to fix the rofi config. It changed a little bit.

Would it be possible to add expert mode to the installer. So we have more choices with the installer.