Steam not launching after nvidia driver installation


It works, but the games won’t run as good :grimacing:


They kind of crash my system heh


That s the sad part of it @Taavettii


Shit, your fucked either way it seems :frowning:

This is beyond me. I’ll keep searching.


Nouveau driver might be an alternative but I think it wouldn t be the best, wonder if @Taavettii can give it a try.

It seems to partly work on ubuntu/derived distros as I could see!

Or from NVIDIA itself: I doubt it would work but can give it a go, never know


This might give you a hand also @Taavettii

Edit: might be your best bet, there s a section on Arch.


Okay so i installed steam with flatpak and it launched!
Thanks for the help anyway :smiley:


Interesting how the Flatpack worked. How big was the package compared to a traditional install?


Edit: the flatpak steam did not work properly afterall.
I decided to try arch repository steam one more time and it worked!


Good news.


Was gonna say - the way I thought I understood flatpacks (or was it snaps) that they are prety much self-contained and would have all files needed. Of course, I don’t know if that would include vid drivers.

Glad it’s sorted out for you, Taavettii
Dobbie - I need to keep that in mind when the new system gets build. ATI video.


Yes. Yes, again.


Cool, please mark it as solved, might help other members for future use.