Steam Journey trough middlearth Crash at Startup


I’ve installed steam(runtime) and Proton 5. I tried to start the game journey trough middleearth with the launch flag PROTON_USE_WINED3D=1 %command% as managend on protonDB.
It crashes after a few seconds without seeing a game screen.
My system runs with openbox and lightdm. I hope i don’t forgot something to say about my system.
I got a log but its to big for posting it here. what can i do instead?

What happens if you use an earlier version of Proton? Some of my older games don’t work with Proton 5.0
Also, you need to make sure you have all your NVIDIA / AMD drivers installed, not just Proton. Have you done so yet?

You can post it in code tags.

Ok got a solution: there is the logfile
@ColsonP2 I will test the Proton version and look up witch drivers are installed.
The Proton version doessnt matter in that case.
I’m not shure if I’ve all the right driver installed maybe you could take a look at these?

lspci |grep VGA
00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller (rev 09)
01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GK107GLM [Quadro K1000M] (rev a1)

extra/mesa 20.0.5-1 [Installiert]
An open-source implementation of the OpenGL specification
extra/nvidia 440.82-8 [Installiert]
NVIDIA drivers for linux
extra/nvidia-utils 440.82-1 [Installiert]
NVIDIA drivers utilities
extra/opencl-nvidia 440.82-1 [Installiert]
OpenCL implemention for NVIDIA
extra/vulkan-icd-loader 1.2.135-1 [Installiert]
Vulkan Installable Client Driver (ICD) Loader
extra/xf86-input-evdev 2.10.6-1 (xorg-drivers) [Installiert] evdev input driver
extra/xf86-input-libinput 0.29.0-2 (xorg-drivers) [Installiert]
Generic input driver for the X.Org server based on libinput
extra/xf86-video-amdgpu 19.1.0-1 (xorg-drivers) [Installiert] amdgpu video driver
extra/xf86-video-ati 1:19.1.0-1 (xorg-drivers) [Installiert] ati video driver
extra/xf86-video-dummy 0.3.8-3 (xorg-drivers) [Installiert] dummy video driver
extra/xf86-video-fbdev 0.5.0-1 (xorg-drivers) [Installiert] framebuffer video driver
extra/xf86-video-intel 1:2.99.917+906+g846b53da-1 (xorg-drivers) [Installiert] Intel i810/i830/i915/945G/G965+ video drivers
extra/xf86-video-nouveau 1.0.16-1 (xorg-drivers) [Installiert]
Open Source 3D acceleration driver for nVidia cards
extra/xf86-video-vesa 2.4.0-2 (xorg-drivers xorg) [Installiert] vesa video driver
extra/xf86-video-vmware 13.3.0-1 (xorg-drivers) [Installiert] vmware video driver
extra/xf86-video-voodoo 1.2.5-10 (xorg-drivers) [Installiert] 3dfx Voodoo1/Voodoo2 2D video driver
community/xf86-video-qxl 0.1.5-7 (xorg-drivers) [Installiert]
Xorg X11 qxl video driver
multilib/lib32-mesa 20.0.5-1 [Installiert]
An open-source implementation of the OpenGL specification (32-bit)
multilib/lib32-nvidia-utils 440.82-1 [Installiert]
NVIDIA drivers utilities (32-bit)
multilib/lib32-opencl-nvidia 440.82-1 [Installiert]
OpenCL implemention for NVIDIA (32-bit) />

Now its working :slight_smile: after I installed some drivers. could someone guess wich is the right one?
vkd3d lib32-vkd3d
vulkan-intel lib32-vulkan-intel