Steam doesn't load, 32 bit libraries requirement

Please check your “/etc/pacman.conf” and ensure the [multilib] portion is uncommented. If it is commented out, uninstalled Steam, and then uncomment the [multilib] section. Then as sudo, run the following command before installing Steam again.

pacman -Scc
// Answer yes to clear out old caches.
pacman -Syyu
// Will update system with the database caches and system.
Then install Steam. If the problem persists let us know.


If [mutlilib] was not commented out, we have to verify that the packages containing those lib files were not installed.

To do this you use “pacman -Qi” package-name

To get the package name you need to cross-reference the library file, in a google search “Arch”. This will help you find out what package contains the file. Compile your list, and install all missing packages.

ok i did that but i tried to install steam and it said this
"no servers configured for repository"

Please post your output of the following command:

cat /etc/pacman.conf

I suggest using to post it. Then copy and submit the link in your response.

you are missing the mirror for Multilib

Change your pacman.conf to:

Include = /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

Run “pacman -Syyu” again.

the post earlier said comment out multilib and run pacman -Syyu, im confused now

No it said "make sure multilib is uncommented"

Add the section I posted in my last post then run “pacman -Syyu”.

ok i did that, and installed steam. im still missing those libraries. should i try installing them seperatly?

Run the following

sudo pacman -Syyu
sudo pacman -S steam steam-native-runtime

Then run


Please post the output in the terminal when running steam for the first time.

Sometimes it’s something as simple as running it in a terminal for the first run

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that actually worked! thanks!

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