Steam - Complete System Freeze

I thought I’d play a little Skyrim last night, I reinstalled Steam. Started to download Skyrim, then I have a complete system freeze which I had to hard reset.

Tried again, and again. Same result. Changed Kernel, same result.

Anyone else experiencing this? From what I can see there isn’t a particularly heavy load on the system with Stem running.

Any thoughts are welcome.

Steam is working for me in Debian :clown_face:

But seriously, can you post the complete journal contents for a frozen session?

If you have persistent logging enabled then use this after rebooting:

journalctl -b -1 --no-pager


It’s a trap! I did that a few weeks ago and now I’m totally addicted (again). Try a Mystic Warrior — I play a Breton (for the magic resistance and Summoning bonus) with heavy armour, one-handed dual wield and the summoned hound for backup. The Bound Sword tome can be picked up from Farengar very early on and gives you a pair of ethereal Daedric swords before level five, which is nice. The Bound Bow has the highest DPS of all (unenchanted) ranged weapons so that serves well later in the game, along with Summons.

That I shall.

I know it will be but I have to…